About Allisen

Allisen NorvikAllisen Norvik is a trained spiritual healer and a certified Akashic Records Consultant. For more than 13 years, she has been professionally helping people from all walks of life to move forward on their self-healing journey, guiding them to create a more positive life experience. Allisen resides in California, United States, with her family. With her long-distance consultations/healings, she looks forward to serving more people from a higher purpose.

What Clients Say:

I feel lighter already.

Allisen thank you for my reading today, I feel lighter already.

L. Williamson
United States

Allisen was very gentle and loving in her approach.

I was referred to Allisen from a friend and didn't really know what to expect. It was very healing to understand the past life connection that I had with my parents, it led me to see the correlations and patterns that carried over from those lifetimes. I'm grateful today that I have moved on with my life and chose to love myself and put myself first. Allisen was also very gentle and loving in her approach. She pinpointed where my energy was damaged and stuck in my chakras and provided energetic healing. I know that she is authentic and comes from a place of love.

I. Wang
United States

The reading was very professional...

I must say that the reading from Allisen was very professional as she guided me through the meditations and clearings…

D. Szydelko

My reading has given me lots to think about!

Thank you, Allisen, for the wonderful reading you gave me today! It brought me to tears and it has given me lots to think about. Thank you!!!

C. Weyman
United States

I am entering into the new year with a much more positive outlook on the direction my life is going.

I want to thank Allisen for the beautiful gift she gave me this afternoon. She provided me so much information in such a short time...and healing as well. I felt so calm and peaceful at the end of our session. Through her access to my records and her clear listening to the Akashic Masters, I am entering into the new year with a much more positive outlook on the direction my life is going. Thank you so much for your blessing. Much love and light to you.

C. Lowry
United States

My reading was fan-freakin-tastic!

Allisen did my reading yesterday and it was fan-freakin-tastic. Thanks Allisen!

C. Choate
United States