Akashic Records Consultations

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records exists on a non-physical plane. It is a cosmic library of information that records everything about a soul since the beginning of time. Some refer to it as the Hall of Records. The word “Akasha” (originated from the Sanskrit) means infinite space, the essence of all things in the Universe. The renowned mystic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), whose work was most documented, stated that the Akashic Records was one of the sources of information given in his readings.

Every living thing has his/her/its own set of records in this storehouse of information. When one is conscious enough to receive information from the Akashic Records, he can benefit tremendously and will be able to transform his life. We often see people who feel stuck in life—not moving forward in a love relationship, stalled on a career path, or just not knowing the next step to take in life. We also see people who have varying degrees of health issues. Then there are those who encounter challenges with a particular person or life situation. Some of the underlying issues could be from the past (past lives or this life). Maybe the chronic health problem stems from long-term suppressed emotions. Perhaps there is a childhood trauma the person never got over with and still effects him negatively in the present time. Whatever may contribute to a life challenge, it can be retrieved from the Akashic Records, if the person is ready to have that information. And how much one can benefit from the Records really depends on his awareness. Akemi G., author of Why We Are Born, puts it very nicely: “A reading can only be as deep as your understanding of life.” 

The Akashic Consultation

It is very common for people to say “the Akashic reading”. I prefer to call it “the Akashic Consultation”. A reading is one in which the reader gives out information, and the other just listens. However, a consultation is more interactive—when information is provided, the receiving end can ask questions right there and then to get more clarification if needed. The Akashic Records, indeed, is interactive. Therefore, it’s important to prepare some specific and direct questions in advance. Avoid asking yes/no questions, because they will limit the information you receive.

Accessing a person’s Akashic Records is much like entering that person’s private space. It is the very reason prior consent is required before the consultation. A sacred opening prayer and the legal name of the inquiring person serve as the keys to open that person’s Akashic Records.

Some people confuse Akashic Consultation with fortune-telling. Fortune-telling is the act of predicting a person’s life. People generally approach fortune-telling with curiosity and do it for fun. The Akashic Records encompasses the past, present, and future; and it’s to be treated with respect. When a person asks about his/her future in an Akashic Consultation, no prediction is provided; information given simply points to the tendency of what may happen in the future based on the person’s intentions and current life situations.

It would be unrealistic to expect that one will get all his answers from an Akashic Consultation. The consultation’s purpose is not to tell a person what to do. It merely presents information the person can use to make choices, based on his free will, about current life situations. Information is therefore transmitted through the consultant to the client, with the hope that the client will use it the best way he sees fit, to create a future that he desires.

Personal/Business Akashic Consultations

One-hour session $175   Half-hour session $90
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