Frequently Asked Questions about Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records exists on a non-physical plane. It is a cosmic library of information that records everything about a soul since the beginning of time.

Is an Akashic Consultation the same as Fortune-telling?

Fortune-telling is the act of predicting a person’s life. People generally approach fortune-telling with curiosity and do it for fun. The Akashic Records encompasses the past, present, and future; and it’s to be treated with respect. When a person asks about his/her future in an Akashic Consultation, no prediction is provided; information given simply points to the tendency of what may happen in the future based on the person’s current life situations.

What benefits do I get from an Akashic Consultation?

Just to list a few:

  • Uncover and release hidden emotional blockages so you can regain your optimal wellness.
  • Become aware of hidden issues that are hindering your personal growth.
  • Clear old beliefs that no longer serve you, so you can create a life you truly desire.
  • Get clarity about stuck relationships, family challenges, etc.
  • Find out what soul contracts and/or karma you may have with your pets.
  • Get information on your life purpose.

How can I prepare for my Akashic consultation?

  • Find yourself a comfortable & quiet space—make sure no one will disturb you during your session, this is the time you put aside just for yourself. It’s ok to have pets next to you. Animals love the healing vibration of the Akashic Records and will just be there to enjoy it.
  • It’s best to be seated.
  • Prepare a list of specific questions to ask (avoid yes/no questions).
  • Have pen and paper nearby in case you want to take notes, because a lot of information can come through in one consultation and could be overwhelming. More insights will come to you as you review your notes even days after the consultation.
  • No alcohol intake at least 12 hours prior to consultation.

Why do I need to sign a consent form prior to my consultation?

Opening a person’s Akashic Records is much like entering that person’s private space. Therefore, prior consent is required before I can access your Records.

Why you do need my legal name?

In addition to the Sacred Prayer, your name is the key to access your Akashic Records—the part that pertains to you only.

How do I schedule an Akashic Record Consultation with you?

Visit the Akashic Records Consultation page, then choose the length of session you would like on the bottom of the page. You will be lead to the appointment calendar where you can choose your desired time from those available.  Payment is collected after the consultation is completed.