My Akashic Journey

If my memory serves me right, it was in 2009 when I first heard of Akashic Records consultations.

At the time, I was already doing energy work for some years. I was certified in Divine Healing; I received lengthy trainings in developing my spiritual abilities; I was professionally doing clairvoyant readings and energy healings. I knew about the Akashic Records; I worked with my own records from time to time. Then one day when I was doing energy work with a friend, he told me that with training, people can not only access their own Akashic Records without using clairvoyance, they can also open others’ Records. He offered me a complimentary consultation to help me work on my karmic issues (yes, energy workers have their own life issues to work on, too) at the time. I happily accepted the kind offer.

To both of our surprises, my friend was unable to open my Akashic Records. That got my inquisitive cells going—now I really wanted to experience the Akashic Records in a way that would be different from what I knew. I asked my friend where he took the training class, and hence started my deeper exploration into the Akashic realm.

I was fortunate to have learned from Lisa Barnett, founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. During my journey, I took the time to feel the profound connection with the Records, to experience the amazing healing vibration in the Records, and to deepen my understanding of life’s lessons. I saw self-healing taking place every day (and I still do to this date). Time and again, I confirmed: “This is it!”

When I finally became a Certified Akashic Records Consultant, I was so grateful that I have chosen this path.

Through the Akashic Records, I have been able to help people from all walks of life to heal and attain a better life.

The process may not be as easy as 1-2-3. Because old programmings and unresolved issues (both of which can be unpleasant to face) often get stirred up. However, when people are willing to embrace the healings and do their own work, the results are amazing and transforming.

If you are ready to experience the Akashic Records, I invite you to book a consultation with me.

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